DEIF flexibel displayindikator modell XDi


  • Select Functionality and Indicators On Board
  • Unlimited Virtual Indicator Choice
  • No Wait for Spare Parts - On-site Repairs
  • Immediate Order Delivery
  • Class Approvals
  • XDi-Net – a short-cut to CANbus
  • Reduces wiring and installation
  • DEIF Base Master – reduces installation time



DEIF’s new, patented illuminated indicator display series, XDi, is a game changer in bridge instrumentation.

Compact, easy-to-install, versatile and user-friendly, the innovative virtual display series replaces mechanical scales and pointers and takes indicator performance to a whole new level - without compromising DEIF’S market-leading customisation standards and maintaining type approvals for all relevant applications.

Because it is a virtual solution, the XDi is free of practical mechanical limitations and logistic concerns and comes with libraries of more than 100 preinstalled indicator layouts and functionalities for you to select, customise and set on board.

The units also enable graphic solutions for new combinations of related values and improved presentation of standard indicator types, e.g. rpm, pitch and rudder angle.

Saving you panel space and installation time, giving you more choices, greater flexibility and the ability to configure and make on-site repairs, XDi is the ultimate all-in-one solution.

DEIF’s XDi technology has been developed in consultation with GL and DNV. Depending on functionality, all units are eligible for MED certification.



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