DEIF statisk vindsensor modell WSS


  • Measures wind speed and direction
  • Well-suited for dynamic positioning systems
  • IP66 housing
  • Intelligent heating prevents icing up
  • Working temperature down to -52 degrees Celcius
  • Well-proven and robust technology
  • Extensive field tests in rough weather in the North Atlantic



The ground-breaking ultrasonic measuring principle with no moving parts gives reliable performance without any wear-out problems and without requiring regular service.

The WSS version has a built-in heating element to prevent icing up.

The WSS can be connected directly to a control system and concurrently send data to a WSDI-2 wind speed and direction indicator placed on the bridge.

An obvious alternative if you want high performance and reliability – not low-cost/high-maintenance!

Need a complete system?

Then combine the robust WSS static wind sensor with the elegant WSDI-2 wind display to form a comprehensive marine-approved wind measuring system.

Not only one, but multiple WSDI-2 displays can be placed on different locations onboard the ship, all driven from the same WSS sensor.

The sensor's data output can even provide NMEA0183 serial data to the navigation computer and/or to a personal computer.