DEIF vindindikator modell WSDI-2


  • 12/24 VDC supply voltage
  • RS-485 (NMEA0183) sensor input
  • 4 digit speed indication
  • Illuminated analogue pointer to indicate wind direction
  • IP66 (front) and IP20 (terminals) protection



The WSDI-2 displays the two basic wind data: Wind speed and wind direction. Wind speed can be displayed in metres per second (ms), Knots or Beaufort and can be displayed as either relative or true figures (user selectable).

Moreover, the WSDI-2 has been prepared for remote dimmer operation. This will enable you to control WSDI functions directly from the control panel.

Major class approvals are pending from GL, CCS, DNV, RS and GOST-R.

Need a complete system?

A complete static wind measuring system consists of minimum two components: A wind sensor and 1 or more displays for indication of wind speed and wind direction.